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Linear Blocking Tools Starter Set

Linear Blocking Tools Starter Set

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 Starter Set

High strength polycarbonate

CNC cut and Routered

Lifetime Warranty

Satisfaction Guarantee


(1) 8" flex block

(1) 12" flex block

(1) 12" ultra flex block

(1) 18" flex block

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We are proud to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all Linear Blocking Tools! All product failures (not due to abusing the tools) are fully covered! Just fill out this form



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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Matt Kemp

Awesome product. Totally worth the money. It will be a game changer no matter how long you've been doing this. If you could get a car laser straight before, prepare to do it in half the time.

Randall Little

Just what you need though the whole process to help you get a flat smooth finish.

Kirk Lockwood
Start Here!

Hello Guys and Gals!
If you're looking for that one cutting edge piece of trick kit to get your work to that all illusive higher level, you need NOT look any further! With (1) 8" flex block, (1) 12" flex block, (1) 12" ultra flex block and (1) 18" flex block you can NOT go wrong with "The Linear Blocking Tools - Starter Set." In my opinion "Starting Here" is a no brainer, even if you have 40+ years in the business it's a GREAT place to START! Colten has thought this bit of "Kit" out well to blanket cover what one would need to virtually do the majority to get your work STRAIGHT! You will be amazed at the ease it takes to hand sand properly with these blocks. A lot less time is needed which saves shop hours dramatically which means quicker turnarounds or more business. I have arthritis bad and find these blocks great to use after years of abuse in the shops. I will only strongly recommend the "Stick It" adhesive type paper blocks for super straight incredible finishes. Much like Foam, or Rubber blocks your "HOOK & LOOP" will also give and not make things completely laser smooth. If you are like me and do everything by hand and or lots of sculpting the Hook & Loop would surely have a place in the immediate "Knock it Down" process of leveling filler, fiberglass or custom sculpting to "Rough-Out" your work quickly (much like you would a Cheese Grater without the large gouging incidents ;o) with a 40 or 80 Grit Paper. I would then go (and stick) to only the Sticky Blocks for all else if you're striving for perfection.
After 40 + years of doing many custom body jobs and working on several educational programs and instruction in Vocational Campuses in N.Y.S. in and around my area, and being selected as a NYS Vocational Judge after a couple of Award winning years entitled me to Judge the best of the best in the state and award a full scholarship to the One Student who showed the best of abilities in all areas of the Autobody business, I can tell you there is no better block to work and familiarize yourself with! Get this set, Get ready, and Go for amazingly better results overnight, guaranteed! Once you start, you can then diversify and pick up the "More Specific Blocking Tools" for what you need for perfecting your craft. God Bless and Best Regards to you all and "Never Stop Learning!"
**As an adder, I am proud of Colten and his many instructional videos!! He has great in-depth information and I especially love the fact he explains the Primer, Filler, and Poly "Gassing out" properties and why we should EPOXY! Use your PPG products accordingly and Baking Panel Temps! He is a wonderful instructor as is his many "Guest Instructors!" If you are interested in the Vocational or Educational aspects of the business sign up and attend one of "Linear Blocking Tools" courses, you can learn much from this man.

Starter Kit

So far I haven't had a chance to use it much but for when I have used it,it has been Great. Thank you

Linear Blocks

Have tried most types of blocks, really impressed with the Linear Blocks. Find them very comfortable on the hand.
Regards PB