Clean Air Supply

Clean Air Supply

Clean Air Supply is VITAL to a quality job. You can have the cleanest atmosphere possible, if your air supply isn't adequate you WILL have problems. Like anything in our industry there is more than one way to help ensure your supplied air is clean and free of contamination. 

Refrigerated Air Dryers

A refrigerated air dryer is designed to cool and condense any moisture in the air supply, turning the moisture from a gas to a liquid to be drained out. Air Dryers are typically rated in CFM Like a compressor. This will tell how much airflow the unit can properly cool and condense. 

3 Stage Filters

3 Stage Filters are always a good idea to place after your air dryer, before your booth hose. 3 stage filters have 3 different stages of filtration, hence the name. these filters may be in any order depending on the manufacturer. 

Stage 1.  Water/Moisture

Stage 2.  Oil trap

Stage 3.  Particulate (Dirt/Dust/Etc

Fisheye Filters/Bulb Filters

We have all seen the little orange or black bulb filters that go on the spray gun. these bulb filters are commonly used and then disposed of. You may ask, Why do I need another filter after all the other filters? When you use your air hoses in the booth they bend, flex etc. Air hoses also break down over time so if you don't have a proper bulb type filter you can actually get contamination from your air hose breaking down. once the traditional bulb filters are contaminated they will spit the contaminates back through your air supply and right out the gun. Not good!

The Best solution we have found to the cheap bulb filters issues is the Fisheye Filter. these filters will filter down to .85 micron and still allow proper airflow. the fisheye filters have a lifetime warrantied housing with replaceable filters and the best part, When they are contaminated they will stop airflow instead of spitting Contamination out the gun. I have personally tested these filters and I can say they work very well!

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