About Us

How it all started !

After years in the collision repair industry, I was offered a job at a hot rod shop, doing body and paint on six figure cars.  Of course I took it!!! 

An opportunity, that not only opened up the door to a whole new world, but also brought me to a whole other level. A shop were everyone worked as a team constantly pushing each other to do better. It sparked a new found OCD in me. I found myself doing things I had only seen on TV! 

The Revelation !

Cars and bodywork have always been my passion, but this new found love of restoration/restomodding had me striving for excellence, However we kept falling on the same problem,

It seemed no matter how hard we tried, our finishes were straight but just couldn't get away from that small bit of chop in the reflection or "urethane wave" as its commonly referred to. 

Upon trying again and again I realized it was the blocks!! 

The Innovation !

What If… one could sand with a … flexible… yet super straight and constant shape? 

The thought was constantly in my mind and version after version trial after trial our Backbone or "Vertebrate"design was born!!!

Our “Vertebrate” design allowed us not only to flex these blocks maintaining a constant shape, but also to maintain constant and even pressure throughout the sanding surface. 


Designed and Produced in America with the highest quality in mind! If you are after the flattest finishes, you've come to the right place!!!